Hair recovery programme®

HRP is the solution to hair loss, if you have any hair loss signal we have the answer, in 8 weeks we guarantee that your hair will be back, thicker, and stronger as it used to be.

It work at the level  scalp in the hair bulb revitalizing the growth of the same and making it obtain a greater thickness and strength.
Helps strengthen the anchorage of the root, strengthen the hair and rebalance the scalp.

In addition, our Pharma Hermetic HRP® works  on stem cells, if the hair bulb has not died, it enhances the growth of new hair. It activates the self-generation of the hair cells and providing all the necessary nutrients to repair the weakened and brittle hair, making them healthier, stronger and more voluminous.

We work on the autoregeneration of the capillary cells.
We rely on ingredients suitable to penetrate the scalp and stop hair loss.

  • Hair Growth without surgery.
  • Hair Growth without side effects.
  • Lasting results.
  • Natural therapy.


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