Senescence is a natural process genetically programmed in our bodies. We can fight against senescence in different ways. Fight against senescence is more effective when we combine different approaches.

Healthy people engaged in frequent fitness activity can use an inside-‐out & outside‐in strategy against senescence. They can treat their skin with the highest technology skincare products including antiaging peptides like SP 55. They can also take care of their skin by consuming COSMECEUTICALS based on these peptides too. This double strategy maximizes the amount of antiaging peptides working in their skins.

An extremely important health strategy for athletic people is to take care of their muscular and immune systems by consuming NUTRACEUTICALS. Our nutraceutical is based on SP 55 peptides, being able to help control levels of proinflammatory cytokines, which helps increase muscle general health, decrease muscle senescence, control fat deposits, etc.


Mitochondria are small energy-­‐ producing organella inside cells. They generate energy for all the body to work, exercise, fight against diseases, etc. This energy is stored in the form of ATP, called the “energy currency” of cells. Mitochondria biochemistry needs a balance of different supplements to work properly.



Is formulated with SP55 peptides, patented molecules that help control levels of proinflammatory cytokines and decrease muscle injury, muscle senescence and fat accumulation.



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